Parenting In The Thick Of It (Digital)


PDF color format includes:

  • Front cover
  • Index page featuring 12 Inspirational Parenting Quotes from Dr Shefali Tsabary

Beautifully illustrated and designed 12 Vibrant Monthly Parenting Theme pages each featuring:

  • Letter to you from a Certified Parent Coach
  • Coaching corner
  • Parenting tools, tips and advice
  • Actionable steps

Use in conjunction with your own calendar to help you parent throughout the year.

Access to FREE online parenting support in the FB Group Parenting In The Thick Of It
(Please note, there are NO calendar / date pages in the digital version. Theme pages ONLY)



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2 reviews for Parenting In The Thick Of It (Digital)

  1. Deb F

    I have used the same large wall family organizer for years but thought I’d give the trial one that Louise developed a go. Wow. I loved it. It inspired me to approach certain things in my parenting differently which was amazing. There was so much space for me to write all I need to write, it was great and I loved the fact that it was clean and uncluttered. The parenting tips helped keep me grounded and the parenting advice was brilliant. The only bad thing about this organizer was that I had to go back to using my old one until the September 2017 Conscious Family Organizer is back on my wall. Thank you. I loved using this organizer.

  2. Tara N

    I absolutely LOVED using The Conscious Family Organizer. It was everything I could have ever wanted in a calendar and MORE. I know that I should read parenting books but I don’t because it just takes too long. However I actually found myself reading the information and advice in this organizer – it was just perfect. It was enough without being too much and the advice given was so practical and easy to implement. I just can’t wait to get the new one and have it on my wall for a year and not just 4 months. My kids even asked me why it isn’t up anymore! They loved it when we sat around it during our family meetings. It became the glue that held our family together. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. There is not a parent out there who would not benefit from it. Even digital calendar users because the information alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.

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